Photography exhibition | ongoing

Forgotten is a collection of poignant photographs that portray the daily lives and harsh conditions of refugees in camps and on their journeys, through the eyes of children. It captures the emotions, stories, and experiences they are dealing with.

Through this exhibition, my intention is to illuminate the refugee crisis and show the impact of war on civilians and especially, on children. Thus, to give proper space to those rendered invisible and voice to the voiceless. To remind to everyone that humans -just like you and I- live in the shadows, in the darkness. Children are my main focus, as they are the ones who are most greatly impacted by violence, war, homelessness, and emigration- conditions imposed onto them by others. Therefore, my aim is to allow for the children’s unique point of view to be seen in the purity, honesty and clarity of their emotions and thoughts. The photographs invite us all to see their worlds through their eyes.

In exhibiting my photographs, I hope to stimulate reflections, discussions, and actions on ongoing refugee crises. Furthermore, we need to call for the end of war, conflict and violence, which will lead to a better future for all children and human beings. Creating a space for constructive dialogue instead of armed conflicts and wars.

Photographer & Project manger | Karrar Al-Azzawi

More about the exhibition

The exhibition contains around 30-40 different size pictures but it's very flexible to fit in different spaces. There are different elements in the exhibition like an installation, a map, a short film and other elements which help to fulfill the experience of the audience.

I'm willing to collaborate with anyone to make the exhibition in any country.

My Vision:

In this exhibition, I want to show that refugees are resilient and refugees with dreams and hopes, that refugees are not just numbers and not just victims. Every need is a chance and an opportunity to start a new life in peace.

Through the photographs, the installation, the ambient sounds, and the short film, the audience can feel present in the refugee camps and in their journey. The audience will experience the different emotional phases that children and refugees go through in refugee camps and in their daily lives.

The refugee issue is a global issue, and the struggles of refugees are similar wherever they come from. Whenever there is a conflict or a war, such as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, or the current conflict in Ukraine, this issue comes up in headlines and mainstream media. The refugee issue is one of the consequences of war and conflict. Therefore, the exhibition is relevant now and in the future. There is an urgent need to discuss and raise awareness about this issue.


- Norway | RIFF festival
- Malta | Refugee Week Malta festival

- Norway | Ålesund Library

- Norway | Brattvåg Library


- Norway | Giske Library

- Norway | Volda Library

- Norway | Ulsteinvik Library


- Greece | No Border Camp

- Germany | Political Climate Camp

- Spain | Art Centre

- Spain | Several libraries in Barcelona